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Julia’s Scalloped Potatoes

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal last month that got my blood boiling. I’ve tried to let it go but it keeps coming back to my mind so I have decided to speak that mind. The author was spouting off about Julia Child’s complicated recipes and his dinners with her, specifically one dinner, when […]

Julia’s Steak Diane

Julia Child and Hubby were great friends that shared the same birthday on August 15th. Two headstrong Leos that found kinship. She loved his interest in business and the world and they would talk for hours on current topics of the day.  She asked his opinions on wine and politicians and people.  She was curious about […]

Pat’s Vitello Tonnato

Pat and her husband Herbert were great friends with Paul and Julia Child. When we met, Pat and Julia had been friends for more decades than they cared to count, and upon meeting Pat you could see how she and Julia would be best pals. They had a similar way of being truly themselves, present […]

Cinco de Drinko

I don’t usually write about cocktails.  I don’t usually drink cocktails. But this Cinco we had quite a spectacular Drinko that felt worthy of a post.  And posting makes it easy to find the recipe again.  Not that I am going to start drinking cocktails.  But I might drink this one. The Drinko came about […]

Daryl’s Delicious Cookies

Some people, when you meet them, you just assume they can’t cook. Daryl is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, fashionable and the list goes on.  I just didn’t think cooking would be on that list of attributes.  So when Daryl invited my family over for dinner in an amazingly  kind gesture to welcome us to a […]

Sanford’s Saucy Island Creek Oysters

I was not always a fan of oysters. Hubby’s father loves them and over the years he continued to offer them up hoping to get me to like them.  But on the few adventurous times I tried them, I thought them dull and mushy. The closest I came to enjoying them was when our friend […]

Chef Chris’ Raspberry Tart

In 1980, while in college in Santa Barbara, California, Hubby-to-be and I discovered a wonderful french bistro called Mousse Odile’s.  Opened by two french-born sisters, it served such classics as Salade Nicoise and Quiche Lorraine amongst many other delectable dishes, but the true pièce de résistance for Hubby-to-be was Odile’s raspberry tart.  It was not too […]