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Chicken Tetrazini for Talia

The death of a child is something so deeply soul-wrenching I can’t pretend to know about it. My first experience with a child dying was when I was just a child myself.  I’m not sure I even cried.  My neighbor, a new friend a bit older than me, had a younger brother with cancer.  I […]

Bryson’s Chicken

It was a high school romance that, like many romances of youth, came and went in the blink of an eye.  Bryson’s mom made a delicious and ridiculously-easy barbecued chicken and I managed to snag the recipe before the teens went their separate ways.  For that I give thanks to Bryson and his mom.  Summer […]

Leah’s Chicken Salad

One and Only Son broke his leg. The break itself would not have been a major setback for my young, athletic, college student.  But the displaced ligaments presented a long and arduous recovery.  One plate, three screws and two pins later, he is still on crutches.  Yep.  On crutches all three months of his summer […]