Notes about my Blog

Most recipes are for about six people since I was usually feeding my family of five plus a stray or two.
I try to specify if it feeds more or less than six.


The recipes may not be perfect.  They work when I make them but sometimes they may not work for you because of any number of reasons.  If something doesn’t work for you, please tell me!  I would like to keep testing and refining the recipes so they work for everyone.  Well, probably not everyone.  But hopefully most of you who try them.


If you love a recipe and it works perfectly, I would love to hear from you!
If you didn’t like a recipe because you have never liked coconut but you thought you would try the watermelon salad with coconut anyway, I don’t need to know that.  Don’t make it again.


Most of my recipes call for ingredients that are available in grocery stores.  Personally, I think getting the best quality ingredients will make the food taste better but if you don’t have time to go across town to the locally harvested organic fruit stand, getting produce from the grocery store is better than not cooking at all.  Give yourself a break, let go of the guilt, and enjoy the cooking.


I love specialty foods and kitchen products and I will point them out if I use them and love them.  I do not get paid for the things that I share.


I use a food processor for many of my recipes.  I realize this is an expensive piece of equipment but I have had mine for twenty years so it was worth the investment.  I’m sorry but I don’t know how you can make those recipes without one.


My stories are from my memory and sometimes I don’t have the best memory.  If I get a year wrong or mesh two occasions into one event, it probably doesn’t affect the recipe.  If you were involved and think it is important to change it, let me know and I will be happy to edit.


I try to give credit to recipe authors.  However, many recipes came to me long ago written by a friend on a piece of notepaper, or developed from something I ate at a restaurant that no longer exists, or I saw a photo of in a blog I can’t remember, or I thought of in a dream.  I apologize in advance if you think I stole your recipe or notice that my recipe is exactly like one you read in a cookbook. Please write to me so I can give credit where credit is due.




  1. How about this. We had a house on Hoyt Lane in Winnetka for years and a summer family house in Duxbury. We also love, love, love oysters!


  2. So great! Love Winnetka and Duxbury and Oysters 🙂


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