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Tom’s Truffled Ribeye

Beef was not on the menu in my kitchen when my children were young, partly because I didn’t eat it much but mostly because I didn’t know how to cook it.  In 1999, Hubby and I went on a trip to Paris that changed my opinion of beef and opened up my kitchen to a […]

Pat’s Vitello Tonnato

Pat and her husband Herbert were great friends with Paul and Julia Child. When we met, Pat and Julia had been friends for more decades than they cared to count, and upon meeting Pat you could see how she and Julia would be best pals. They had a similar way of being truly themselves, present […]

Martin’s UnBelizeable Salsa de Cilantro

Belize is a happy place. The people are nice, the landscape is gorgeous, the food is tasty.  The water is warm, the beach is clean and the seafood is delicious.  When our party of six traveled to see the mayan ruins, the ceremonial caves and the piles of conch shells on the sea floor, we […]

Kathy’s Engagement Chicken

We met our friend Timothy when he had the illustrious position as the director of the National Gallery of Victoria, located in Melbourne, Australia.  At that time, in 1996, I thought Timothy was smart, sophisticated and suave.  The art world obviously thought well of him too because Timothy left Australia in 1998 to take the […]

Ham and Cheese Strata for Kate

Isn’t it funny how two people can interpret or remember something very differently? My friend Kate told me a story recently that took me by complete surprise.  I was there.  I did it.  And yet, I didn’t remember any of it the way she described because it was from her perspective.  It was such a […]

Reme’s Enchiladas

There were two men in my childhood who influenced me greatly….my Dad and my Brother Dave. Brother Dave was the energizer bunny.  He made me laugh, made me cry, and never emotionally left my side throughout my life.  We were only three years apart in age and we had started to help each other with […]

Chicken Tetrazini for Talia

The death of a child is something so deeply soul-wrenching I can’t pretend to know about it. My first experience with a child dying was when I was just a child myself.  I’m not sure I even cried.  My neighbor, a new friend a bit older than me, had a younger brother with cancer.  I […]