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Anne Willan’s Mother

I asked Anne Willan for a piece of her mother. I know that is a very strange, and seemingly personal thing to tell you after my blogging absence of over 2 months (More on what I’ve been up to in a later post!) but there is a lot more to this story. There is so […]

Great Aunt Rhoda’s Conserve in honor of Hubby

I’ve got a lot of projects floating around right now. Or maybe spiraling around is a better description because I find myself spinning at times. I have multiple personalities, flipping from one project to another with barely enough sense to change hats. My weird way of working takes me from one thing to the next […]

I’m in a Transition so I made a Cake

It has been 59 days since my last post and I feel like the Catholic school girl I once was, going to confession to tell my audience in the dark box what I have been up to when he, my audience, had not thought about me or my life since the last time I visited […]

Caramel Ice Cream for Hollye

Some of my readers and friends (and even my mother) have questions about why I’m writing a blog. They gently inquire, “Do you want to to be a chef? Do you have ambitions to host a Food Network show?” Or “Are you trying to publish a cookbook?” And even, “Are you trying to get free […]

Reesie’s Brownies for Dave

It had been a year since my brother died. We made it past the first holidays, a graduation, his birthday and numerous other memorable occasions that made us tearful and provided reason to get together.  It had taken a year to decide what should be done with the ashes so the anniversary brought us together […]

Linda’s Pumpkin Soup

Linda is my little sister. I guess since I am now 52, I shouldn’t call her my “little” sister anymore. Regardless, that is what she is to me and by the time Linda was born, Mom and Dad already had four other children aged 5, 8, 9 and 10 and lots of family photos had […]

Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 4 – Eggplant Parmesan and Filling The Hole

To read Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 3 – click here Restaurants were not a big part of my life growing up.  With five children, two of them hungry boys, restaurants were quite an extravagance for our family.  A big treat was going to Marie Calendar’s for dinner,