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Pamela’s Clam Dip

My friend Pamela is a old-fashioned girl with a modern twist. She loves tradition and history and longevity of friendships, but she knows how to jazz things up to make them seem fresh and new and interesting.  There is always fun to be had when Pam is around! You can see just how much fun […]

Dreamy Figs for Thom

Sometimes your children surprise you.  They say something and you look at them thinking, “Who are you and what have you done with my child?” That is exactly what happened in late 2010 when Firstborn Daughter said she wanted to talk to me about her 21st birthday.  I had been anticipating this conversation for years […]

Linda’s Pumpkin Soup

Linda is my little sister. I guess since I am now 52, I shouldn’t call her my “little” sister anymore. Regardless, that is what she is to me and by the time Linda was born, Mom and Dad already had four other children aged 5, 8, 9 and 10 and lots of family photos had […]

Sanford’s Saucy Island Creek Oysters

I was not always a fan of oysters. Hubby’s father loves them and over the years he continued to offer them up hoping to get me to like them.  But on the few adventurous times I tried them, I thought them dull and mushy. The closest I came to enjoying them was when our friend […]

Kate’s Potted Salmon

Smoked salmon holds a special place in the memories of all our children, but not exactly in a good way.  When Baby Girl was about 4 years old, Hubby had a two-week business trip to London so I decided to pack up my gang and go with him.  Hubby traveled a lot in those days so […]

Minted Lima Bean Puree

I first tasted a fava bean the summer of 1997 on a farm in Gisborne, Australia. My father had passed away that September and in December, we went to have Christmas with our friends on their farm in the country outside Melbourne.  I spent many hours walking through the acres of beautiful gardens, sitting on […]