From my drug-infested high school cooking class
to the peasant food of Mexico,
or my dinners with Julia Child,
I have always loved food.

Collecting recipes has been important to me all my life,
but more importantly,
I am passionate about sharing meals with family and friends.
It is the reason I cook in the first place.

Click here, to find out why The Water Is Smiling.

You can contact me by emailing cynthia@spivey.org.


  1. cassie turner · · Reply

    The snow has started to fall and I’m looking forward to spending my time in the kitchen and out of the cold. Can’t wait to try out your recipes.


    1. So happy to hear from you Cassie! Let me know how the cooking goes. Xo


  2. Hey pretty lady!! I just learned of your blog and I’m getting hungry!! Can’t wait to find some delicious new recipes. See you soon…in the movies or in the kitchen!
    XO Lisa


    1. Thanks Lisa! Miss our little girl gang at the movies. When does movie night start? xo


  3. Deborah Drljaca · · Reply

    Hello Cynthia,

    I have never taken the time to view your blog and what a mistake. I am charmed and delighted by your loving descritive writting and sharing of your family my family. I wanted the famous Dave Ressies Brownies recipe and that started my reading. Thank you for your insight and wonderful way with words and descriptions and meaning to our lives!!
    Hugs and love,


    1. Thank you Deborah. Your comments mean a lot to me. xo


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