Monthly Archives: July 2014

Tom’s Truffled Ribeye

Beef was not on the menu in my kitchen when my children were young, partly because I didn’t eat it much but mostly because I didn’t know how to cook it.  In 1999, Hubby and I went on a trip to Paris that changed my opinion of beef and opened up my kitchen to a […]

Elizabeth’s Summer Pie

I met Elizabeth at a birthday party. There were about thirty of us gals celebrating and roasting a friend.  I had finished putting out the salad (roasted beet and goat cheese on arrugula with citrus shallot dressing) and had just filled my plate with goodies when I saw Elizabeth.  I hadn’t met her before and […]

Paleo Carrot Banana Muffins

Some recipes just work. Maybe it’s because you are comfortable with the ingredients, or the results satisfy your taste buds in some kind of a primal way that is rarely achieved, or maybe you were in a good mood the first time you tried it.  Whatever the reason or reasons, some recipes strike the right […]

Dana’s Mud Pie

I never thought I would post this recipe but here I am, posting away for all the world to see. Fond memories can make you forgive lots of evils.  Evils you haven’t thought about for dozens of years or more.  Evils that you would admonish your children for eating despite the fact you ate them […]

Toast to the Old

I love old things.  And it is not just because I am old. My love of old things began as a young girl, following around Mom as she rummaged through thrift stores and antique shops.  But the pivotal event, the moment that got me hooked on all things old, occurred when I was fifteen and […]