Monthly Archives: May 2014

Paleo Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs

You wouldn’t know it from some of my posts reliving memories and celebrating the recipes, but in March of 2013, I stopping eating bread and pasta. I know.  Sounds crazy.  It is crazy.  I thought it would be impossible to maintain and had no hopes of sticking to it since I had never, EVER, been […]

So Very Young – Blueberry Chambord Compote

Many tasty recipes happen by accident and so it is with this one. I had nary been married a year in the Summer of 1984, I was so very young and fresh in the kitchen.   But still, I found recipes and figured out how to do things and Hubby and I entertained.  I didn’t […]

Carla’s Apple Turnovers

I don’t remember when I first met Carla. It was so long ago I have forgotten our initial encounter. My sister-in-law Shari met Carla in the 1970’s when Carla was a young dance instructor and Shari was in high school. Shari met my Brother Dave around that same time and a lifelong friendship began amongst the […]

Cinco de Drinko

I don’t usually write about cocktails.  I don’t usually drink cocktails. But this Cinco we had quite a spectacular Drinko that felt worthy of a post.  And posting makes it easy to find the recipe again.  Not that I am going to start drinking cocktails.  But I might drink this one. The Drinko came about […]