Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pinot Bus Polenta

In 1991, Zaca Mesa Winery sent our good friend Jim Fiolek on a marketing tour across the U.S. in a custom recreational vehicle in an effort to promote their wines.  The official name of the promotional RV was the ZacaMobile but for reasons I no longer remember, we came to call it the Pinot Bus. […]

Dal Pasta

Dal Pasta is a man not a dish. His lovely wife is Patti Pie. These are of course not their real names but they are the nicknames given to them by the people they love.  Nicknames so appropriate because Dal is the master of pasta and Patti is the queen of pie. Upon meeting them, […]

Kathy’s Engagement Chicken

We met our friend Timothy when he had the illustrious position as the director of the National Gallery of Victoria, located in Melbourne, Australia.  At that time, in 1996, I thought Timothy was smart, sophisticated and suave.  The art world obviously thought well of him too because Timothy left Australia in 1998 to take the […]

Film Festival Movie Treats

I love the Academy Awards.  The clothes, the glamour, the red carpet, what is not to love? A few years ago, The Academy Awards took on a whole new meaning for me because I started attending the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF).  Now I have the pleasure of viewing and discussing nominated films, forming […]