Monthly Archives: February 2014

Mrs. Williams Chocolate Chip Bars

The summer of 1999 was spent in a rented house by the beach in Santa Barbara, California. Hubby and I were trying to decide if it would be a good place to settle our young family.  We had just begun our surf and sand adventure when I came across a book called Montecito Boy,  An Irrevereent […]

Sheridan’s Favorite Apple Cake

Baby Girl loves her sweets. Starting from the bottle, if we tried to water down her apple juice, she would throw it across the room like it was poison.  One day when she was about three or four years old, my Brother Bill came for dinner and brought me a box of See’s chocolates, wrapped […]

The Two Jen’s Granola

Jennifer and I met in 2000 when Hubby and I settled back in Santa Barbara with our children after moving around the world for nearly eighteen years. My kids and Jennifer’s kids went to the same school and like me, Jennier loves food and loves talking about food.  We became fast friends. We would go […]