Monthly Archives: December 2013

Reme’s Enchiladas

There were two men in my childhood who influenced me greatly….my Dad and my Brother Dave. Brother Dave was the energizer bunny.  He made me laugh, made me cry, and never emotionally left my side throughout my life.  We were only three years apart in age and we had started to help each other with […]

Chicken Tetrazini for Talia

The death of a child is something so deeply soul-wrenching I can’t pretend to know about it. My first experience with a child dying was when I was just a child myself.  I’m not sure I even cried.  My neighbor, a new friend a bit older than me, had a younger brother with cancer.  I […]

Christmas Eve Thai Mussels

Cadena. Just her name evokes visions of a cool chick, free spirit, friend you want to be. But when I think of Cadena, I think of master of the sea. Years ago, my good friend invited me to a seafood cooking class that was to be taught by someone who had a home delivery seafood […]

Nancy’s Cranberry Relish

Nancy is my mother-in-law. And lucky for me, she is NOT a monster-in-law.  Far from it. Nancy is kind, thoughtful and non-interfering.  Non-interfering is so key when it comes to relatives and boy did I hit the jackpot! Hubby and I were married for seven years before I got pregnant with Firstborn Daughter and no […]

Foolproof Favorites From Famous Chefs: Pork Tenderloin

It would be impossible to remember the thousands of recipes I have tried over the years. And it is exceedingly rare that my family loves a new dish prepared exactly as the recipe is written. I search high and low, year after year, for new recipes.  If I like the way one sounds, I will […]