Monthly Archives: November 2013

Thanksgiving Stuffing for Grandpa Bill

Our family tradition of hosting Thanksgiving started out of necessity. Hubby worked at Dun & Bradstreet International in New York City and the fiscal year ended November 30th.  We could not leave town and therefore we could not travel to have Thanksgiving with our families.  We decided that the best thing to do was invite […]

Grandma Grace’s Hamballs

A girl from Ohio meets a boy from Iowa and they get married. I’m that girl, and although Hubby and I both moved to California at a young age, those Midwestern roots didn’t die.  My childhood included brightly-colored Jello with fruit floating in it, scalloped potatoes from a box, white bread and orange cheese.  These […]

Dreamy Figs for Thom

Sometimes your children surprise you.  They say something and you look at them thinking, “Who are you and what have you done with my child?” That is exactly what happened in late 2010 when Firstborn Daughter said she wanted to talk to me about her 21st birthday.  I had been anticipating this conversation for years […]

George’s Stir Fry

In June of 2013, on our way to a weekend in San Francisco, Hubby and I stopped to meet up with my Mom and Sister-in-law and a friend for lunch.  When lunch was over, my Sister-in-law suggested we swing by to see my Brother Bill.  “Naw,” I said.  “We are running short on time.  I’ll […]