Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mandarin Marmalade with Maili

I love making jam. The whole process is so rewarding….from picking the fruit to hearing the lid “pop” when it has sealed.  I don’t eat jam very often, and Hubby doesn’t even like it, but it is very satisfying to bring a friend a jar of something I put time and love into making.  It […]

Reesie’s Brownies for Dave

It had been a year since my brother died. We made it past the first holidays, a graduation, his birthday and numerous other memorable occasions that made us tearful and provided reason to get together.  It had taken a year to decide what should be done with the ashes so the anniversary brought us together […]

Christina’s Brunch Delight

When Hubby and I moved to New York City in 1985, we were truly on our own. We did not know a single soul.  We had each other and we had our work, so between that and the excitement of a new city, we didn’t really need much else. But time went by and it […]

Daryl’s Delicious Cookies

Some people, when you meet them, you just assume they can’t cook. Daryl is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, fashionable and the list goes on.  I just didn’t think cooking would be on that list of attributes.  So when Daryl invited my family over for dinner in an amazingly  kind gesture to welcome us to a […]