Monthly Archives: August 2013

Bryson’s Chicken

It was a high school romance that, like many romances of youth, came and went in the blink of an eye.  Bryson’s mom made a delicious and ridiculously-easy barbecued chicken and I managed to snag the recipe before the teens went their separate ways.  For that I give thanks to Bryson and his mom.  Summer […]

Austin’s Carrot Pineapple Birthday Cake

What five year old doesn’t like cake? After a couple of years of unsuccessful birthday offerings, I discovered that Firstborn Daughter was not a fan of cake.  She didn’t like sweet frosting and thought cake was bland.  Looking back now on her favorite meals, it should have been clear that her palate was partial to […]

The Collegiate Cooker’s Cornish Game Hens

Baby Girl started a blog! This summer she has been getting ready for her second year of college and collecting things for her new apartment, including some of my easy recipes that she can make in her first kitchen.  A few weeks ago  she said, “I should write a blog about cooking in college.  It […]

Anne’s Glazed Chicken

I was eight months pregnant when we moved into our little cottage on Tower Road in Winnetka, Illinois, the summer of 1990. It was a beautiful house…a mini-tudor with big windows that became very important to me in the months to come, after the baby was born.  Those paned-glass windows were perfect for looking out at […]

Raspberry Tart sans Gluten

Hubby loves raspberry tart. In Chef Chris’ Raspberry Tart, I tell you just how much he loves it. I make it every year for his birthday, but this year he is on a gluten-free diet so I revised the recipe and made it without gluten.  Without grains to be exact. It may be his new […]

Chef Chris’ Raspberry Tart

In 1980, while in college in Santa Barbara, California, Hubby-to-be and I discovered a wonderful french bistro called Mousse Odile’s.  Opened by two french-born sisters, it served such classics as Salade Nicoise and Quiche Lorraine amongst many other delectable dishes, but the true pièce de résistance for Hubby-to-be was Odile’s raspberry tart.  It was not too […]

Fisherboy’s Fresh Fish

Fisherboy loves to go fishing.  That is fairly obvious from his nickname. But this is not just a normal hobby that a boy likes to do.   I mean, he REALLY loves to go fishing. He gets up at 5am, while on vacation, to spend all day catching, or not catching, because the fish aren’t always biting.  We do […]