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Minted Lima Bean Puree

I first tasted a fava bean the summer of 1997 on a farm in Gisborne, Australia. My father had passed away that September and in December, we went to have Christmas with our friends on their farm in the country outside Melbourne.  I spent many hours walking through the acres of beautiful gardens, sitting on […]

Grandma Flora’s Potato Chip Cookies

When I was a young girl, my relatives lived in different states and we rarely saw them.  Mom had four siblings and we made a few trips to visit my maternal grandparents in Ohio where I met my aunts, uncles, cousins and the resident geese Rodney and Mildred.  Some of the relatives came to visit […]

Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 4 – Eggplant Parmesan and Filling The Hole

To read Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 3 – click here Restaurants were not a big part of my life growing up.  With five children, two of them hungry boys, restaurants were quite an extravagance for our family.  A big treat was going to Marie Calendar’s for dinner,

Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 3 – Family Meals

To read Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 2 – click here Mom did the cooking in our household and she also packed me a lunch almost every day until I could drive. My typical lunch was an American cheese sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise, a piece of fruit and a treat.  I […]

Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 2 – The Water Is Smiling and Dad’s Poached Eggs

To read Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 1 – click here The first recipe is really just a memory.  The ten or so years following Captain Kangaroo are conspicuously void of recipes but there are a few clear memories of food.  My family was a traditional one; Dad went off to work each […]

Home Is Where My Story Begins – Part 1

I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, my plate of scrambled eggs in front of me on the white leather ottoman, watching Captain Kangaroo.  My siblings had gone off to the elementary school across the street from 104 Sharon Court, an address my parents had me dutifully memorize in case I ever got lost.  Mom and […]

My Food Baby Is Born!

Last September, in my newly empty nest, I needed a project to fill my heart with the daily inspiration that had once been my children. I started writing my recipes and related stories to organize into a book for my family and friends. And to spend time with my memories. The recipes piled up quickly […]